Week 31: 31 july – 6 august

Posted on: Mon, 31-Jul-2017

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Same trend as last days
Awareness is continously needed, against accidents
14:55 gmt, venus – crab
relationships will be tested for a while to come
home will be the “battleground”, but trend will develop slowly


Very sluggish start, lay low if so, wait for energy shift

12:00 gmt, moon + saggittarius
Upbeat energy, things will get really dynamic now
And smooth, social energy comes in force
In the same time, excess of fire can easily give…fire literally
So these days watch for potential “hot” situations, don’t push your luck

2:00 gmt, moon – mercury
Energy is even more positive, in theory at least
But moon fire can prove again negative (as of last months)
(as things develop towards upcoming eclipse)
If it proves negative, then meditation and rest are a must

4:28 gmt, moon + mars
8:43 gmt, moon + sun

7:37 gmt, moon + saturn
Same pattern, but today excesses can go into a run away situation
Physical body will be tested most probably
Too much energy can give out stress, mental stress also, headaches etc
Invest energy in patience these days, and more slowness

0:37 gmt, moon + capricorn
Positive for physical body, work is favored
But watch the morning, conflicts can pop up out of nowhere
Relationship conflicts, bursts of ego

9:24 gmt, moon – venus
Mental is very favored today
18:22 gmt, moon + mercury

Sleepiness in the first part of the day

11:37 gmt, moon – pluto
physical effort goes well after this,
good for home related activities

social plane will feel empty though

Potential nasty conflicts, old negative relationship patterns are favored
And they will not hesitate to take the opportunity
Guard yourself against these
And if there’s no drive to do anything, then stay put

9:22 gmt, moon – uranus
12:15 gmt, moon + aquarius
From now on, energy mounts up, positive days are following





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