Week 32: 7-13 aug

Posted on: Mon, 07-Aug-2017

2017 week32 7-13 august

Full moon day
Should be interesting, not much we can do anyway
It’s great though for seeing the effects,
no need for a sharp eye at full moon
As they say: “even a blind chicken will find a worm here and there” :))
10:40, moon – mars
18:10, full moon
Focus on the best, no matter what happens today, go on

Still full moon “air”
But more focus on actually doing something about it 😀
Best is to make sure you understand as much as possible
(about what you saw meaningful this full moon)
10:54, moon + south node
21:56, moon – pisces
Trend turns a little to the darkside
Great for analyzing closely your emotions, and behavioral reactions
(and also for some rain?)

17:44, moon + venus
18:50, moon – mercury
I would say this is an important moment to watch
I would guess interaction with partners at home can go south, bad
Effort is needed to shut the fuck up 😀
And effort to stay calm at all costs
23:14, moon – neptune
After this, another test follows tomorrow

Silent as much as possible, work slowly, or even standstill
Don’t rush anything, don’t start anything
Avoid conflicts at all costs, especially with men
13:37, moon – saturn
From now on, things will start to balance themselves
Great for recharging and rest, because next days will be hot

5:22, moon + aries
First bang, positive at root
Especially for being Yourself
But relationships and family areas become practice targets for “snipers”
High stress in these two areas, lots of output very possible
If these cannot be avoided, be VERY patient until tomorrow
Let attacks happen, and make it a challenge to remain patient until tomorrow

5:37, moon – venus
High pressure day, positive mostly, but very strong day
Great to let the truth get out about last days
7:39, moon + mars
14:48, moon – jupiter
17:27, moon + sun
19:25, moon + saturn
Mercury also goes retrograde this weekend
Mind will probably enter a “freeze mode”
Focus will be shifted towards a certain behavioral pattern
A certain habit, an emotion, a style of reaction
Pattern that should be your focus next weeks, to end this fucker 😀

0:32, moon + north node
Things enter into a stalling mode
But be on guard about VERY unexpected events this morning
Use this day as a recharging day
8:01, moon – uranus
10:40, moon + taurus

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