Week 33: 14-20 august

Posted on: Mon, 14-Aug-2017

2017 week33 14-20 august

6:42, moon + mercury
14:29, moon – mars
very good for work, that steady and slow type, not forceful
avoid people who you smell they want to argue, arguers
they are “fishing”, trying to find the anger buttons of people around them

lots of resistance in the air these 2 days
be very careful in the late evening, stress peaks then

1:15, moon – sun
4:18, moon – north node
energy gets into a standstill
probably it’s best to “slow motion” everything
in the evening, energy changes, atmosphere clears up (mostly)

Stress on the mind in the morning
Avoid any mental stress, especially multitasking
8:48, moon – mercury
22:12, sun – north node
22:34, moon + jupiter
Atmosphere gets more positive,
But, we are heading into the eclipse of next week
Don’t expect zombies of the past, in full mode,
but keep in mind, they are lurking around

1:40, moon – saturn
6:39, venus – jupiter
16:12, moon + crab
Same pattern as yesterday, more or less
In the afternoon/evening, probably very sluggish hours
It’s about waiting, if body reacts with tiredness
Waiting for the evening period after sunset

Theoretically a smooth day
But also very inviting for the past
So old habits might attack today
Maybe in a more civilized manner

0:51, north node + saturn
4:05, moon + venus
This is a day to watch, very carefully
Yesterday, civilized manner, today not so much
Probably first big wave of the eclipse, whatever it may bring
Time to really sharpen your attention,
To receive feedback about your past self
Avoid trying to change anything
Just note down, or take note, what you perceive
Perception very distorted from now on
It’s all about your past now

17:54, moon + leo
Eclipse energy should enter in force from now on

Same pattern, only more emotional stability
As I see it, it’s a great opportunity for understanding,
Clear vision, planets help,
So the best is to receive anything that comes,
As past,
And decide, decide, decide
No action yet, just decisions, as many as possible
Time to trust Yourself the most



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