Week 34: 21-27 august

Posted on: Mon, 21-Aug-2017

10:34, moon + north node
Boo-hoo-hoo, Eclipse :)))
Omg, Omg, sky will …fall?
no they won’t 😀
But it’s great time to be introspective and stay put
This day should’ve been holy, but, yeah
18:30, New Moon / Eclipse
After exact new moon, energy will shift into positive
But drive to do things will still be near zero
This atmosphere is very rich in inner experiences
Which inner experiences usually require closed eyes 😀

9:40, moon + mercury
13:20, mars + saturn
Work, more on mental level
There can be a sluggishness, or lack of drive to move physically

9:18, moon – saturn
This day can be very stressful
It’s good to invest energy in physical activity if it bubbles up
and avoid people in authority
especially the idiots in authority… like police men? 😀
…and watch the late night, let negative emotions slide by, don’t interact with them

1:04, moon + libra
Positive day, positive period

15:30, moon + jupiter
After this event, it gets trickier and trickier
Tension starts to build up
Things will tend to break, more and more
Awareness is needed more and more, be on guard from now on

4:29, venus + leo
9:20, moon – scorpio – venus
20:42, sun + mercury
hard to predict day, when big energy meets stress/fear
this day you have to be the most careful
Especially in relationships
Calm, awareness, giving money, paying, throwing out useless things
These will keep you safer

5:08, mars – north node
Negative slowly recedes, but very slowly, don’t underestimate it

Next week we will see the first signs of what this eclipse was about




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