Week 35: 28 aug – 3 sep

Posted on: Mon, 28-Aug-2017

2017 week35 28aug - 3sep

9:37, moon – mars
Important day, even though it appears silent and sluggish
2nd wave of eclipse energy shows up
Whatever it might bring
(Probably dynamics between work and rest, between on and off)
(dynamics that we have to watch and re-decide what’s good and bad)
19:47, moon + saggittarius
After this, atmosphere changes, maybe quite dramatically in few cases
These days are hot/cold type of days apparently,
mixes of good influences and bad ones
We start with a good one
23:41, moon – mercury
…then a bad one (this one clearly is about work vs having fun)

2:48, moon + venus
a good one
8:12, moon – sun
and the peak of bad ones
So, watch tuesday morning to noon

14:31, moon – saturn
20:29, moon + north node
Positive day
mental greed might be the only issue

1:27, moon + mars
8:18, moon + capricorn
8:39, moon + mercury
Good period for physical body

2:06, moon + sun
We enter the 3rd wave of eclipse influence
It will last for while, into next week also
Be on guard
Also there will be some negative down spikes in energy

4:47, moon – jupiter
probably so much silence that will invite feelings of “being lost”
Even if in the middle of the party, still the feeling persists
20:06, moon + aquarius
Good shift, atmosphere gets more positive on social level
3rd wave of eclipse is around its peak, so… x-factor

9:37, mercury +/- mars
Another peak of eclipse influence
Another day of hot/cold type of energy
15:48, moon + venus
Good until tomorrow, when things will start to go south
(full moon and stuff)

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