Week 36: 4-10 september

Posted on: Mon, 04-Sep-2017

2017 week36 4-10 sep

(WordPress issue apparently, it didn’t really publish the article =>  delay)

15:44, moon + jupiter
18:40, moon – southnode
Positive day
Good for work for some
Good for standing still for others
Both work

2:32, moon + mercury
5:15, moon – mars
9:35, mars virgo
We enter full moon period
Strange period, at least
But, full moon cannot be stopped, so, get the popcorn
Expect (large?) emotional waves
Probably people will (try to) forget themselves into work and busy-ness

7:02, Full Moon
Things start to recede, going towards a standstill

Complete standstill would be best
But virgo will say no to this 😛
12:01, moon + aries
After moon gets into aries, things roll
Positive weekend ahead

Smooth period for almost anything
16:30, moon + venus

1:27, moon + saturn
5:15, moon – jupiter
6:11, moon + northnode
Most positive day of the week
lots of good influences (as you can see)
15:52, moon + mercury
16:23, moon + taurus
21:16, moon + mars

2:52, mercury + virgo
23:53, moon + sun
Same positive pattern

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