Week 37: 11-17 september

Posted on: Mon, 11-Sep-2017

2017 week37 11-17 sep

9:17, moon – nodes
Still ok, balanced enough
19:30, moon – gemini
But, after moon gemini, we get into troubles
Mind troubles, energy troubles, head troubles, stress troubles
Wednesday morning being the peak
21:54, moon – mercury
In the evening, the pattern for these days will show itself more clearly

2:42, moon – mars
Same pattern, just growing negativity
The best route is to make balance continuously these days
Investing energy in calm, pauses, deep breathing, letting things happen
Also patience, of course (sleep being probably impossible ūüôā )
Stress is mounting naturally => focus has to go into calm
Refusing as many useless mental threads as possible

0:49, venus + saturn
6:25, moon – sun
The peak of negative, most carefulness needed
Naturally, things tend to break down now, easily
7:47, moon – saturn
12:43, moon + jupiter
After this, energy calms down, slowly
Even so, don’t consider the negative finished, it’s still Wednesday
22:12, moon + crab
Many fronts become positive now
Not all though
One big bump, sun and saturn
Long term is written on this

This is about focusing on long term stuffs 
Planning, and changing long term directions
These are best right now
Contact with authorities or power sources is negative by default
Social area is dangerous in this period  

2:58, sun – saturn

2:34, venus – nodes
This is the smaller bump, but not be neglected
Especially because the big bump still goes on, naturally 

Low energy most probably, body issues
Just be patient, let the body change itself
This period would be best to sleep a lot, fasting, tea + water only
16:18, moon – jupiter
After this, atmosphere goes into a standstill

1:08, moon + leo
19:01, mercury + mars
Positive day, more and more positive
Good for any kind of activity
People will be a lot to themselves though, social is not that fun, yet

14:17, moon + saturn
18:28, moon + nodes
Same good pattern
One caution though,
Excess of fire can give headaches, easily in this period
Social arena becomes friendlier today



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