Week 38: 18-24 september

Posted on: Mon, 18-Sep-2017

2017 week38 18-24 sep

19:48, moon – mars
23:19, moon – mercury
We entered end moon period,
I would call this more like “old moon”
Or “veeery old moon”
Not the oldest though, but surely top 3
So …incoming! 😀
Probably some of the most resilient zombies will surface
Those zombies that makes you say:
“Just …fucking …die!” :))

The best way is to take notes, observe, invite them all into to fire 😀
Anger only feeds zombies
19:10, moon – saturn
After this, a strange atmosphere should dominate,
Perception distorted
Time to be very attentive and patient
let the past happen, observe it patiently, take notes
Discriminate the good from the bad, for the future

1:15, venus – virgo
5:29, New Moon
Now, although end moon is done,
This new moon I would call it “sleepy worker” moon,
Lots of inner tendencies towards rest,
Although, external demands work and action
So, extremes about work are the norm now,
In some cases 0 drive to do anything,
In other cases, overwork excess
It appears to me, resolutions about work and rest habits are key with this new moon
Resolutions about sleep cycle (should) have way more weight 

10:05, moon + libra
These 2 days will define the pattern for next weeks, for sure
Lots of changes also, social changes, given that equinox is here too

It’s a great period to clarify new directions, new ways of work/rest patterns
To use those notes taken at this new moon
Making these directions crystal clear to you
Especially if you are on the “0 work drive” side on extremes

Same pattern, as yesterday, at least until evening
10:26, moon + jupiter
17:39, moon – scorpio
Now, sharpen your antennas,
From now on (all weekend) it’s time to be very careful
Even though it might go smooth, doesn’t matter
These days require very close attention
Changes happening, old useless things will probably go
Also, energy output can be very high, watch for excesses
Not the time to put yourself into a weak spot
20:01, sun + libra, equinox

Probably 90% of the planet will have sex today :))
Even old grannies 😀
Joking aside, same pattern, but with a growing hopeful feeling

15:11, moon – nodes
Same pattern

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