Week 39: 25 september – 1 october

Posted on: Mon, 25-Sep-2017

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2017 week39 25-31 sep

14:35, mercury – saturn
17:54, moon – venus
Positive week, in general
Week starts with few days of easy activity
Action is easy now

6:30, moon – mars
Theoretically, good day, same pattern
But it would be good to watch it
There are some strange coincidences with mars
Could bring conflicts or danger, in explosive manner

0:15, moon – saturn
Very active on the mental level
Probably going into extremes, restlessness, anger
It’s ok to achieve a lot, but if no sequence => no result
So, accept the sequence, and do only one thing at a time
Planning for the long run, strategies, works best today 
16:24, moon + capricorn
After this, atmosphere gets even more down to earth
There is a bump there, but it comes at night, so it’s good

2:53, moon – sun
This was the bump
After this, good period until the evening
13:28, moon + venus
Although good energy,
The last new moon takes over the scene for a while
All in all, the result will be a mixed atmosphere
Some negative feelings, but also there’s resilience there too
22:34, moon + mars

Weird, strange day
Maybe some gloominess there
I would call this a “rest day”, even if activity could be easy for some
Stand down, especially on mental level
It’s good to fast in the evening, and invest in calm
Wait for the day to go by

0:13, moon – jupiter
This was the weakest point
0:42, mercury + libra
5:22, moon + aquarius
It might start with a bang, but
It’s a good day, there are good energies this weekend¬†
20:06, moon + sun

Same good pattern, even better




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