Week 40: 2 – 8 october

Posted on: Sun, 01-Oct-2017

2017 week40 2-8 oct

Good day, until moon pisces
2:04, moon – south node
11:12, moon + jupiter
14:26, moon – pisces
Now trend shifts, dangerous waters for few days
Physical body is the most important now to take care of
Sleep + meditation + fasting = best
Avoid troublesome people, skip their demands (no matter their positions)

21:33, moon – venus
23:36, moon – mars
I said sleep is the most important šŸ˜€
Because it’s not easy to skip demands completely
Mars and venus don’t approve rest and sleep now
They want work and stressĀ 

Lowest point of the week
7:18, moon – saturn
20:39, moon + aries
But after moon aries, energies shift for the better
Not without some thunders though

Today it’s time for arguments, for truth telling
Doesn’t matter if others listen or not
If you have anything to say, plan it for this day
Full moon is always unstoppable
So it’s better to cooperate, even if it demands conflict
14:00, moon – mercury
16:52, venus – mars
18:40, full moon
If nature let’s you alone, great, be grateful you can enjoy a nice full moon šŸ˜€
But, given it’s such a strong full moon, i doubt anyone will be absolvedĀ 

11:26, moon + saturn
12:20, moon + north node
22:38, moon – jupiter
Resolutions after yesterday,
Energy comes back to normal
23:56, moon + taurus
Very positive energy

Same positive energy

10:45, moon + mars
12:53, venus – saturn
13:45, moon + venus
20:53, mercury + sun
It’s good we have good energies to balance the shitty one
That venus – saturn, which is nasty in itself
But even this combo has a great advantage:
It’s the easiest time to change your (useless and negative) beliefs
Not without stress, or fight, or pain
But it’s the easiest time to change beliefs,
Hard core changes
(mars is also there, so this period extends for quite few days)
Best now is to take any negative as a death of a shitty zombie
And invest yourself in nourishing new forms of life

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