Week 41: 9-15 october

Posted on: Sun, 08-Oct-2017

2017 week41 9-15 oct.png

1:44, moon + gemini
Positive atmosphere

6:08, moon + sun
8:04, moon + mercury
13:21, jupiter + scorpio
After this, there can be (loud) explosions
Jupiter entering scorpio => loves it loud
Also, negative aspects follow
This is a day to watch, clearly
14:46, moon – mars
15:40, moon – saturn
20:11, moon – venus

3:38, moon + crab
3:51, moon + jupiter
13:37, mars – saturn
More positivity on one hand,
But mars and saturn reach the peak
Avoid anger and verbal conflict, no matter how “small” it might appear
invest energy in physical effort eventually

12:25, moon – sun
17:33, moon – mercury
This is the last negative wave of the week
Especially in the morning,
It’s also Jupiter’s day
So the bang could be delayed for today
Either very conflictual day, or very productive
Depends on many parameters

6:41, moon + leo
7:43, moon – jupiter
Positive trend grows
In spite of Friday 13th 😀
Watch the late evening though

10:11, venus + libra
22:10, moon + north node
23:11, moon + saturn
More positive

11:19, moon + virgo
mixed day, more practical
positive though

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