Week 42: 16-22 october

Posted on: Mon, 16-Oct-2017

2017 week42 16-22 oct

Transition day
“Move along sir, nothing to see… ” 😛

5:23, moon – saturn
8:00, mercury – scorpio
11:26, moon – mars
This day brings many changes
Also it’s a mix of stand still + pressure
Not a fun day for sure
17:34, moon + libra
But evening gets better
Problem is, end moon energy enters in force
Most probably, focus will be on relationships
Why we do them, how we do them, what are they, etc
Also, past (shitty) methods which we need to discriminate as useless

1:56, moon + venus
8:54, mercury + jupiter
Good day, positive
even if end moon atmosphere is high
Great to analyze relationships by the way

End moon atmosphere
As usual, time to take notes, no actions
It’s great because it’s a great day for understanding
Communication is very distorted, don’t bother explaining to others
This day can bring past heated interactions, useless methods mostly
Time to discriminate what it’s useful for the future, and what’s useless
Simple discrimination
Dreams are heavy as usual
19:12, New Moon
After new moon, air clears, fresher

1:42, moon – scorpio
5:40, moon + jupiter
11:23, moon – mercury
Stand still weekend
Or at least, that’s the most positive route 😛
Nothing to do, drive is absent on the physical level
Energy doesn’t cooperate with outgoing movement
But inner dimensions open up in the same time
Great for meditation, imagination, future, let go, rest, sleep, recovery
Great also for letting old die, letting old wither away, in silence 😛

19:39, moon – nodes
Same pattern, standing still is best
Not the normal weekend type

This can be easily a very negative day
Beware of this
11:56, moon + saggitarius
18:28, mars + libra
Starting in the afternoon and evening
Energy shifts towards activity, positivity and nouveau landscapes
(At least on the mental level)


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