Week 43: 23-29 october

Posted on: Mon, 23-Oct-2017

2017 week43 23-29 oct

5:27, sun – scorpio
Best use for this day: sleep, rest, imagination, future, visions, and of course… tea 😀
In case it wasn’t obvious already 🙂
Energy will start to really move in the evening, or tomorrow

6:34, moon + north node
11:54, moon + saturn
This can be a very exhausting day
Lots of expenses, lots of energy output
And when there’s no energy left, after excesses
=> issues like headaches, conflicts, etc

0:12, moon + capricorn
3:14, moon – mars
Should be very active day
Good for the physical body
But not so fun for relationships, or relating with others
Any diets, cleanses, detox practices are more than welcomed these days
Especially for median part of the body, liver especially

6:05, moon – venus
18:09, sun + jupiter
Pivotal day, long term
Sun and jupiter meet
Many changes will start today, not all visible though
Faulty or useless relationships will be target practice from now on, long term
Also old and useless paradigms will be attacked, long term
It’s always fun and interesting to watch for omens when these meetings happen
They always tell the story in advance (if we are permitted to see, of course 😀 )

Silent morning
13:00, moon + aquarius
After this, action begins in force
19:21, moon + mars
20:30, moon – sun
22:22, moon – jupiter
All in all, this can be a very negative day
There are positives, ok, that will try to balance the equation continuously
but energy can go south super easy now

Follow your intuition is a must now, or else you get into trouble and danger
Avoid arguments, or people/places/situations that favor arguments
Might be one of those fateful days (it has the ingredients at least)

A positive bounce back from Friday (especially if it was negative)

1:01, moon + venus
1:34, moon – mercury
6:41, moon – south node
Another dangerous time
Choose carefulness and follow your intuition
Avoid arguments
Focus on common ground, when relating, make effort to stick to common ground
What might appear “new”, is filled with issues and zombies
Large groups of people are not safe now



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