Week 44: 30 oct – 5 nov

Posted on: Mon, 30-Oct-2017

2017 week44 30oct - 5nov

7:54, moon + jupiter
13:35, moon + sun
18:48, mercury + north node
Nice day

Mostly same pattern
17:21, moon +mercury
But atmosphere will have a grim feel to it
Especially in the evening
21:07, moon – saturn
Things will appear to halt, let them
Take the opportunity to get 10-12 hours of sleepĀ 

6:42, moon + aries
New energy, new day
17:42, moon – mars
But things can go ADHD
A great day if energy could be channeled into one direction

18:24, moon + north node
Positive day
Although, we are going into full moon next days
So few things (in relationships) might “start” early
Still, energy is good, even if arguments are there

0:30, moon – venus
1:08, moon + saturn
This is an important day to watch
9:47, full moon starts, moon + taurus
18:25, moon – jupiter
Try to identify weird patterns, most probably habits of excesses
And, even though they are hard or impossible to stop
At least you have the possibility to avoid escalating these habits
(no more gasĀ  into the fire, that is)
Given that full moon peaks in early saturday morning,
This friday is very important to watch

5:22, full moon peaks
After this, energy comes back to normality
18:58, moon – nodes
Mind will enter a standstill period of few days
(that blank stare, day dreaming like)
(with some gloomy thoughts or ego reactions to this state)
Clearly a rest day, all in all, especially for the mind
(and those who think too much)
Avoid thinking, exploring meditation is super easy now
Of course, it would be great if no explosions on friday, but… yeah

9:28, moon – mercury
Rest period for the mind peaks now
10:26, moon + gemini
Let the thinking tsunami begin :))
But i guess, even though all will jump into the boat
The boat will not start really until tomorrow, monday
We will see



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