Week 45: 6-12 november

Posted on: Mon, 06-Nov-2017

Mind is experiencing both extremes in the same time
Accelerated thoughts, and also standing still
But very good energy to observe and understand your own behavior
(and also knowing what you need)

2:57, moon + saturn
10:39, moon + venus
10:44, moon + crab
11:38, venus – scorpio
20:47, moon + jupiter
Rich day in energy changes
Positive period, even if mars doesn’t agree 😛

3:39, moon – mars
13:33, moon + sun
Same pattern, positive
Mars barking in the background, whatever

12:29, moon + leo
17:14, moon – venus
22:36, moon + mercury
23:46, moon – jupiter
This day is tricky
Energy is positive
But it can stir anger, super easy
So best way is to do it shifu’s way: “in in inner peace” 😀

20:36, moon – sun
22:40, moon + north node
This is the “not fun” day of the week, even nasty
In spite of all the lucky energies in the sky
this day can have negative spikes, very sharp spikes
So, avoid confrontations
But most importantly, try to spare others of drama queen tendencies
(or attention begging, because this is what will start fights)

8:54, moon + saturn
16:41, moon + virgo
Positive day, especially if last days were agitated

0:36, sun – moon nodes
9:31, moon – mercury
Most probably a downward day
All kinds of issues can spring out of uncontrolled focus, ADHD
So most positive way is to make it a goal to keep attention on current task
Avoid mind racing today, it will get you in trouble



* hours are UTC / GMT




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