Week 46: 13-19 november

Posted on: Sun, 12-Nov-2017

2017 week46 13-19 nov

8:15, venus + jupiter
15:45, moon – saturn
Work day
Important day, astrologically
but effects will come in the future, not now
Stillness in the evening
23:26, moon + libra

This is a tricky day
It’s a good wave, before End Moon period,
But I believe it will spark some negative social dynamics
So, it’s not a good idea to be in crowds this week (i would say)

3:08, moon – mars
Same pattern as yesterday
With an atmosphere of stillness again in the evening
People will tend to be alone these days
And anger will easily be triggered
Like those dogs who don’t bark, but they jump at your throat

8:20, moon – scorpio, end moon begins
Well, let the emotional tsunami begin 😀
Strong “waters”, but depends on lot of individual factors
Past will be at peak
Dreams will be stuffed with strange scenes, strong emotional patterns
Time to stay still and SHARP
Ready to take notes about your (shitty) past
Time to take notes, nothing else,
to receive what Law considers You need to reevaluate
0:02, moon + jupiter
8:16, moon – venus
21:16, moon – nodes
Same pattern, only stronger
Effort to stay still and SHARP
Remaining calm is key, at all costs,
don’t get involved to react
Action is needed in observing the omens and patterns
same End Moon pattern
11:42, New Moon
After new moon, it will be a mix of a day
At least until sunset
Mix of new and old
19:00, moon + saggitarius
After this, atmosphere gets shinier

10:54, mercury + nodes
A positive day, but it builds up slowly
Can have sharp drops of energy



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