Week 47: 20-26 november

Posted on: Mon, 20-Nov-2017

10:26, moon + mercury
Until Wednesday, sluggish activity
It’s a standstill period, good for higher planes
Imagination, planning, resting, meditation, cleansing
Forcing just does damage

0:26, moon + saturn
7:14, moon + capricorn
22:58, venus – nodes

3:04, sun + saggittarius
23:16, moon – mars
Shift in energy, sun changes signs
Dynamic days, positive > negative
Overall, good for action
(except 2nd part of this day)
Although there’s a social atmosphere,
People are closed into their own minds

20:14, moon + aquarius
Same pattern

15:55, moon – jupiter
This day is mixed
Good energy, but a negative trend starts
Anger management is key these days
Especially Sunday
The focus should be on being busy with work
Relationship? avoid

8:22, moon + nodes
15:05, moon + mars
18:11, moon – venus
Same pattern as yesterday
Relationship? avoid even more
(it’s better if there’s a social scene around, otherwise, not good)

8:03, moon – pisces
17:02, moon – sun
Negative day mostly
Time to be very careful
Things will tend to break easily
It’s a great day to recharge, not to make expenses of all kinds
Especially emotional expenses (fights, whatever)



* times are in GMT or UTC




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