Week 48: 27 november – 3 december

Posted on: Mon, 27-Nov-2017

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2017 week48 27nov - 3dec

In case it wasn’t obvious,
This day was for sleep 😀

6:58, mercury + saturn
9:41, moon + venus
11:55, moon – mercury
12:08, moon – saturn
More sleep 🙂
It’s weird period
Sun pushes for action
All other planets want stilness
16:30, moon + aries
Now energy shifts, things start to move
But of course, not instantly

5:21, moon + sun
23:57, moon + nodes
Good period
But sluggishness will insist most probably until the weekend
Friday is the tipping point

11:12, moon – mars
Watch out for quick unconscious arguments
Spirits can be easily upset, especially in the afternoon
16:49, moon + mercury
A stillness takes over, or gets even deeper
18:37, moon + saturn
20:39, moon + taurus
After this, atmosphere is animating

9:14, venus + saggittarius
To hell will sluggishness and snails 😀
15:07, moon – jupiter
Although, this moon jupiter thingie can stirr too much energy
Avoid anger, and everything will be fine

1:22, moon – nodes
21:21, moon + gemini, full moon starts
Complicated weekend and days ahead
Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow
The main strategy is to observe the patterns
Full moon will exacerbate them
so much that probably they will be super obvious
These patterns will indicate what’s best to correct next few weeks
So pay attention

0:37, moon – venus
9:34, mercury retrograde
15:46, full moon
Most probably mind will refuse to cooperate with work
Thoughts will be either super random and blurry
Or they will be almost totally absent
Depending on the individual
Great great energy and activity on the spiritual plane
Great to understand and correct your outdated beliefs
But also there’s mental pressure (mercury retrograde)
headaches too, especially if we don’t pause enough
Revelations are easy now, though



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