week 49: 4-10 december

Posted on: Sun, 03-Dec-2017

Continuation of tension of Sunday,
Full moon and mercury retrograde
But things tend to come back into normality
Medium term, focus on self correction,
avoid at all costs to correct others, except at request
Also, if stressed or in anger, avoid eating
Eating is not favored anyway this week

15:56, moon + mars
This evening will be another peak
Best to avoid talking if not calm
17:45, moon – saturn
19:12, moon – mercury
20:36, moon + crab

15:38, moon + jupiter
Positive day
Good to observe retrospectively, what happened
and re-balance emotionally

12:05, mercury – saturn
17:55, moon – mars
This is day to watch
Can generate lots of heat, heated arguments at home
Most probably related to full moon events
20:37, moon + leo
After moon leo, mostly positive
Things go smooth theoretically
Although there’s either an anger lurking there,
or tiredness in few cases
Focus should be on long term, as much as possible

9:00, moon + venus
17:10, moon – jupiter
23:14, moon + sun
Still positive
Still anger is lurking
Investment in calm is utmost importance
Especially in preparation for Sunday (the low point)

0:38, moon + nodes
17:20, moon + mercury
18:56, sun + nodes
20:49, moon – saturn
23:09, moon – virgo
Mixed day, mostly good, at least until moon enters virgo
After that, lots of friction will start, depends on few factors
Especially in relationships
It would be good to channel energy in doing housework or whatever 

9:00, mars – scorpio
Mars will trigger a rush of energy today
Energy that doesn’t give a damn about direction
So, it can easily go south, or north or whatever
There’s an attraction for destructive behaviors
Targeting partners in general, targeting relationships
It would be useful to use this new forceful energy to focus
To advance in force
In the most important direction 

17:36, moon – venus
Poor venus 😀

7:51, moon – sun
18:34, moon – mercury
Tough day
Balanced by 5, but tough
Drama queen-ing very possible
People will retreat in their own minds
Doesn’t matter how much they are talking or whatever
Invest in listening and patience
That’s all you can do  

communication is almost 0



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