Week 50: 11-17 december

Posted on: Sun, 10-Dec-2017

2017 week50 11-17 dec

5:00, moon + libra
(p.s. Happy Birthday Osho 😀 )

Good days

In spite of a growing mental energy peak on Wednesday

1:49, mercury – sun
Blank until moon in scorpio

14:00, moon – scorpio
Now it’s time to be careful,

energy will move towards moon and mars meeting
Time to be cautious, aware as much as possible
Because it’s a violent energy, and it can move very fast and swift
19:23, moon – mars
After this, things are being balanced

13:31, venus + nodes
17:00, moon + jupiter
A good day

22:20, moon – nodes
But watch the evening and late night
Can be troublesome if energy outbursts are out of control
Especially because partners tend to be to themselves
Lots of “logistics” or rationalizations possible to start fights
Best is to to respect their choice (even to be idiots if so they choose)

14:08, mercury + venus
This is and important day for the mental,
Not sure how to see it, revelations? confusion? both?
But for the physical part
Evening is not good for the body, for sure
Best is to avoid all excesses and emotional taxing situations
Wait for tomorrow, let this one pass

1:07, moon + saggittarius
On one hand, great that moon entered saggittarius
On the other hand, End moon period starts
Days full of past, for sure,
most probably “holiday” like energy in the air
Vivid images and memories from childhood, vivid and exhausting dreams, etc
This is a big one, a big new moon (saturn involved)
So, I presume it will be a big peak of everything
For the whole year(s)
Anyway, time to take notes, whatever will happen, observe and note down
for decision making

Great time to expand your vision and look far in time, both past and future
Long term vision is best route for this new moon

2:08, mercury – nodes
9:00, moon – mercury
9:25, moon + nodes
18:33, moon + venus
Same pattern, bigger amplitude
It will rise until the actual new moon, monday morning

6:30, New moon + saggittarius



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