Week 51: 18 – 24 december

Posted on: Mon, 18-Dec-2017

Pivotal week

13:33, moon + capricorn
work, bla bla, whatever

same pattern
activity, good for work
maybe with a total lack of drive for work 🙂
naturally, this period should be left alone, things prefer to be static

4:50, SATURN – CAPRICORN (biggest event of next few years)
This one is a big one, on long term of course,
Marks the beginning of the END of a 200 years cycle
Don’t mess with this type of cycle :))
Next years we will have the last jupiter-saturn conjunction in earth,
(last, that is if you don’t live until year 2800 :D)
Sooo, few years of tough zombie killing, karma rules,
Not pretty, but, trimming is always good (as seen from the future’s perspective)
Better dress well (armor included)
Now, things will not change in a second,
It takes few smaller events, some new moon(s) and eclipse(s)

2:30, moon + aquarius
16:27, sun – capricorn
18:12, moon – mars
21:00, sun – saturn (another big event)
Another yearly big event, sun and saturn
These weeks are all about long term
Contracts, crystallization of direction, endings of contracts, etc
As a day,
Stressful, even though it’s quite positive

9:16, moon – jupiter
10:04, moon – nodes
This one is simply bad
After sunset, it gets better? (hopefully)
Worse day of the week
Not to mention mercury,
which is stationary, turning direct tomorrow,
But amounts extreme mind pressures
The worse day to talk, communicate, or argue

1:52, mercury direct
14:42, moon – pisces
Same pattern, but better, bad energies are being diffused

9:09, moon + mars
16:31, moon – mercury
20:24, moon + jupiter
Better and better,
But this is better only if slow, slowest speed
Otherwise, conflicts will keep going on
At least until sunset
Mind will tend to be confused
Focus should be on activity, slow activity
Take care of your body



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