Week 52: 25-31 december

Posted on: Sun, 24-Dec-2017

5:26, venus – capricorn
17:55, venus – saturn
This day marks a shift in trend for following month
Venus capricorn, going for saturn also
Energy will change
Impulse that will trigger into motion many starts, contracts, projects
(But also endings? Deep corrections or adjustments?)

Great energy to start on physical plane, for sure

0:26, moon + aries
1:44, moon – saturn
2:30, moon – venus
It’s really good when bad aspects happen while in sleep, or in the night
(At least in Europe :D)
9:20, moon – sun
But until moon gets over the square with sun,
Be careful, don’t push anything
Action is the name of the day,
But be watchful, all day has a stint of violence in it
Must be channeled into constructive actions,
don’t let the energy get into shitty scenes

2:26, moon + mercury
5:11, moon + nodes
Family day, bla bla
lots of activity around home
positive overall

6:23, moon + taurus
8:02, moon + saturn
13:37, moon + venus
18:46, moon + sun
Best day(s) of the week
Very nourishing for the body
Down to earth, but great for the body
All things are repairing themselves naturally

3:29, moon – mars
6:32, mercury + nodes
8:51, moon – nodes
10:21, moon – jupiter
Positive day over all
But wil lots of hiccups
Like people acting like agitators, angering all around them, on purpose
It’s good to fight right these impulses
Refuse to cooperate and stay calm
Or push ups, if calm doesn’t come easy

8:32, moon + gemini
Another positive day
Good to just have fun, family, friends, sing kumbaya, etc :))

12:29, moon – mercury
This one is tricky, even though still positive
We get closer to full moon (next Tuesday)
And arguments can get nasty
especially because words getting out unchecked
But, probably, because of New Year’s eve, 
people will repress reactions,
And, most probably, the actual explosions will come after this,
At full moon or days after
It’s better to double check the words that wanna get out
And if others start a tirade or something,
Invent an appointment or a task, and leave the scene 😀



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