Week 4: 22-28 january

Posted on: Sun, 21-Jan-2018

2018 w4 22-28jan

Mon, 22 Jan
1:12, moon + mars
6:27, moon + aries
Positive influx of energy
But influx can generate conflicts with authority
13:41, moon – saturn
All in all, good to start anything, but small steps first this week,
work related, social stuffs, clients

But when it comes to authority, know that it’s not positive vibe

Tue, 23 Jan
10:25, moon + nodes
15:28, moon – mercury
Things will get messy for few days
Conflicting energies
On and off, until weekend
(we have aquarius energy though, so it’s great! )
Today will probably feel in many instances, like accelerating on ice
It’s better to have patience, of prepare for uncontrolled accidents
Accidents are the most probable today, so be careful, bleed as little as possible 😀

Wed, 24 Jan
13:39, moon – taurus
20:56, moon – saturn
22:20, moon – sun
Bad day at base
Freedom and rebellion applied in wrong ways, negative impulses
Awkward misinterpretations, like “they want to control me”, conspiracy theories
Which can give very strong friction in arguments between partners
Add possession to the mix, and rebellion against it
It you can get very harsh deep wounds
(aquarius will help, but this is the weak point of the week)
Avoid arguments + appreciate other’s freedom = best route
Keep to your business

Thu, 25 Jan
5:35, moon – venus
16:02, moon – nodes
Same pattern, i would say a little nastier too on some fronts
Especially between partners
If yesterday was more about social, today relationships are way more into focus
Until saturday, people will have dictatorial attitudes heightened (you included :D)
Be warned

Fri, 26 Jan
1:40, moon – jupiter
3:17, moon + mercury
13:07, mars + saggittarius
17:40, moon + gemini
17:52, moon – mars
Pivotal day, for the short term
It’s a standstill day in the most part,
But acceleration takes off
Breaks are mostly on
So, this day is not about any prediction
It’s about new input, future influx,
That’s all that matters
Best route is to keep a very close eye on this day
It’s about adaptation

Sat, 27 Jan
5:45, moon + sun
13:31, moon + venus
18:31, moon – nodes
Most positive day of the week
Very positive day

Sun, 28 Jan
A standstill day on one hand,
On the other, a negative energy starts to creep in
which will peak next week
But until then, it’s still ok i would say
Excess of energy should not go into mental excesses
But it should go into physical exertion, good to work around the house
18:57, moon + crab
Evening is better, home related stuffs



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