W5: 29 jan – 4 feb

Posted on: Sun, 28-Jan-2018

2018 W5 29 jan - 4 feb

Mon, 29 Jan
2:15, moon – saturn
23:08, venus – nodes
Boiling energy rising (full moon coming)
Confusion is automatic in this situation
Add to this a shitty venus – nodes
And you can get a very dangerous mix
Yes, aquarius is there, great, but still…
Anyway, any losses are actually a relief
Useless things will be eliminated (or stolen? :D)
Things involving relationships are even more affected
Let go of useless relational habits, be serious about change,
or else, prepare for the unexpected 😀 

Tue, 30 Jan
4:39, moon + jupiter
16:41, moon – mercury
18:53, moon + leo
23:13, moon + mars
Same pattern
Maybe a little less intensity
Mind starts to enter in pause mode
Imagination is more vivid
But also past gets stronger and stronger,
especially after sunset, after moon in leo
After that, you can only take the popcorn, and watch what will happen 😀
Well, except in areas where lava can get too easy into the living room :))
Old scenes will become so vivid as if they happened yesterday,
Just to disappear with the same speed, after eclipse

Wed, 31 Jan
13:27, full moon and eclipse
13:29, mercury + aquarius
18:47, moon + nodes
22:48, moon – venus
It’s not only an eclipse, but it’s also a 7 day
Writing about it doesn’t make any sense anyway
Full moon of such magnitude, you can’t do anything but watch
It’s a great test though, any full moon actually,
to see if you are capable of withstanding  max intensity of the habit in spotlight
Usually it’s all about calm and patience, seeing if you are prepared or not
Best part is that any effort in these situations have the most impact on your psyche
Even if no apparent progress is made, like stopping the tsunami with a spoon 😀 

Thu, 01 Feb
6:00, moon – jupiter
19:13, moon + virgo
Positive day, with hiccups, but positive,
Air clears, or at least starts to clear
A standstill until moon gets into virgo
After moon virgo, even more clarity, activity will be smoother

Fri, 02 Feb
1:49, moon – mars
3:22, moon + saturn
A positive period at root,
The only “issue” is that energy, ejecting useless things
It’s an ongoing process
And if you are attached to any of those useless things => not fun at all
But, not to worry, any eggs broken give omelet
Omelet du fromage! :)) 

Sat, 03 Feb
20:01, sun – nodes
21:47, moon + libra
I would say this day will be max ejecting force
(In spite of full moon strength on Wednesday)
We will see, but not a pretty day, that’s for sure
Maybe the most negative of the week

Sun, 04 Feb
6:07, venus – jupiter
6:50, moon – saturn
8:30, moon + mercury
Air recovers, slowly but surely,
Positive days, not without stress, but positive days



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