W7: 12-18 february

Posted on: Sun, 11-Feb-2018

2018 W7 12-18 feb

Mon, 12 Feb
Strong week ahead
We are into End Moon period
Eclipse or close to an eclipse, as power
At least sun is still in aquarius, grateful for that
General theme appears to be confusion + angry birds
Lots of non sense and white noise

Tue, 13 Feb
Non sense morning
15:11, moon + aquarius
Now the trend should be obvious, where it leads
No matter how strange people will behave
It’s time to take it as a feedback about our past
And to acknowledge the bad as bad, and the good as good
But avoid taking any action, or worse, trying to change the external world
This should be worst time to try it
Also, communication is at its shittiest point 

22:38, mercury – jupiter
After this, anger and confusion should(?) start to subside
But mental confusion is still on high
Dreams, as usual, will be very “dense”

Wed, 14 Feb
21:10, moon – nodes
“Your timing is shit, Valentine!” :)))
Poor valentine, lots of people want to kill him :)))
Maybe a better name for this year would be:
Valentine’s last day 😀
But ok, maybe people will delay the issues with him
…until tomorrow 😀
Given that relationships are going into a wall
Wall placed on around 25 february
Well, yeah, take that Valentine ! :)))

Thu, 15 Feb
11:59, moon – jupiter
18:06, moon + mercury
Except the quantity of popcorn
Not much you can do today but watch and take notes
So, until after the new moon, endure my friend, endure :))
Crazy cats, claws, all kinds of mating(?) noises,
Crazy show
21:05, new moon, eclipse grade

Fri, 16 Feb
2:41, moon + pisces
Starting today, body wants rest, 0 work
Fasting period starts, for a month
Standstill days, away from society and excesses
It’s good to protect health, avoid eating,
Drink a lot
No, not alcohol 
16:35, moon + venus

Sat, 17 Feb
4:11, moon – mars
12:27, mercury – sun
22:13, moon + jupiter
Same pattern, body refuses to cooperate
It would be best to let it rest, sleep, meditate
Time for elimination

Sun, 18 Feb
4:27, mercury – pisces
12:04, moon + aries
That’s first sign of activity
Watch these few days, into tuesday
Change bringers, adaptation required
Not good days for the body 

17:17, sun – pisces
Also, given that relationships are getting closer to the wall
Best route i can think of is listening mode
Only in listening mode, for both, is the most positive outcome
Otherwise, shit show



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