W8: 19 – 25 february

Posted on: Mon, 19-Feb-2018

Mon, 19 Feb
15:18, moon + mars
15:41, moon + nodes
active day
energies shift, kind of slow, but, they shift

Tue, 20 Feb
Acceleration + breaks, on
Sluggish movement overall
At least until the evening, after moon in taurus
19:11, moon + taurus

Wed, 21 Feb
7:13, moon + saturn
21:34, moon – nodes
The big bump between venus and mars
Which tops on Sunday
Starts to make bigger waves
It might start on Tuesday also

Thu, 22 Feb
11:45, moon – jupiter
Bad day
it’s good that there are some good (lesser) energies there
But overall, it’s bad

Fri, 23 Feb
00:07, moon – gemini
8:08, moon – sun
17:50, moon – mercury
All drama in relationships will probably top this day
All ingredients present
To create chaos in any relationship 😀
Men will probably start all the drama
Fighting the tide

Men want party up and bla bla
Women want to stay hidden
It would be best to wait it out
Stay separate for few days, for the weekend

Sat, 24 Feb
1:28, moon – nodes
4:25, moon – venus
5:56, moon – mars
Same pattern
Could be worse actually
Because of male’s selfishness most probably
Relationships aside,
These days will bring a pressure upon useless beliefs
Great period for big good internal changes
(hard lessons ok, but good ones)

To change beliefs
To see the outdated beliefs
And to shift trust towards new better beliefs
Even if it doesn’t look pretty now, it’s worth it in the long run

Sun, 25 Feb
3:05, moon + crab
12:01, venus – mars
14:39, moon + sun
14:51, moon – saturn
Even if venus mars tops today
In the same time we have good vibes rising strongly
So, the negative top will be attenuated (a lot)
Which is great
I would say, relationships will get redefined today
Or these days
Like, new contracts (if they will go on, that is 😀 )



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