Week 12: 19-25 march

Posted on: Mon, 19-Mar-2018

2018 W12 19-25 mar

Tough week ahead!

Mon, 19 Mar
Transition day

Tue, 20 Mar
1:06, moon + taurus
3:35, moon + mars
4:02, mercury + venus
This is first pivotal day
Because of Equinox, of course
So lot’s of switches, and changes these days
Adaptations, beginnings, etc
But, practically, start of the year will be tomorrow
16:04, moon – saturn
16:15, SUN + ARIES (Hurray!)
From now on, it’s a growing intensity towards the peak, Saturday

Wed, 21 Mar
17:20, moon – jupiter
Angry bird day
Given that Mercury is stagnant
And it will go retrograde on Friday
This adds up
Can lead to either excessive mental work,
or confusion, or some other extreme, 

Thu, 22 Mar
5:29, moon + gemini
Same pattern
Maybe the other side of the coin, of yesterday
For those confused yesterday, today they go nuts
And viceversa
Certainly, mercury retrograde and Saturday influence
Both bring an old and big issue to the surface
that needs sorting, solving, observation
Mental pressure of today,
is best interpreted this way
Also, this doesn’t mean the effort must be done today,
3 weeks period 


Fri, 23 Mar
00:18, mercury retrograde
Very active day
But too much activity or forcing, in this period
Can break mechanisms,

Sat, 24 Mar
Ok, this configuration is a first for me
Never saw 3 planets so aligned as today
Moon, sun, and mars
In a negative combo
8:52, moon – crab
15:35, MOON – SUN – MARS !!!
16:07, sun – mars
Smells like a very pivotal moment
Maybe not visible in a single day,
But pivotal for weeks and weeks ahead
Political energies are high
Tensions leaders vs followers
23:37, moon – saturn

Sun, 25 Mar
13:53, moon – mercury
Because sun goes at odds with saturn next week
Not sure if the atmosphere will change today
What’s clear,
Is that it’s full of chirping

Relationships will be full of chirping
All kinds of chirping
Too MUCH chirping 😀
Lots of bulshit probably will fly around
Fingers pointing, bla bla 



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