W13: 26 march – 1 april

Posted on: Sun, 25-Mar-2018

2018 W13

Mon, 26 Mar
12:44, moon + leo
23:13, moon + sun
Slow morning, but afternoon is good
Energy is positive for few days
Tue, 27 Mar
11:56, moon + nodes
15:09, moon + mercury
Good day
Might be the best day of the week
Even though sun is against saturn all week
Great progress might be made about THE issue
(issue that might surfaced few days ago,
that needs to be solved these few weeks)
Wed, 28 Mar
9:32, moon + venus
15:30, moon + virgo
Active day, mixed
But rebellion tendencies are at peak
Might be a central day for this type of social activity
Crowds will be stimulated to be against rulers
Thu, 29 Mar
6:30, moon + saturn
15:16, sun – saturn
Pivotal day, because sun and saturn against each other

Together with wednesday, forms a peak for social storms
Great for changes though, new contracts, good corrections + adjustments
Fri, 30 Mar
18:51, moon + libra
19:22, mercury + nodes
Static day
Energies will be drawn in
Good for anything but mental work
Social waves are defusing starting today
Theoretically at least,
Because tomorrow is full moon
(evening will start the full moon in full force)
So, maybe Sunday will actually mark the defusing period  

Sat, 31 Mar
5:53, venus + taurus
8:12, moon – mars
10:21, moon – saturn
13:36, moon – sun
17:15, moon – mercury
18:16, moon – nodes
Most stressful day of the week
Full moon
Lots of bad aspects
Hard to predict, and useless to predict anyway
Full moon is full moon
Prediction is quite useless
Let it happen, and see the effects
Effect is OBVIOUS
Try to limit the damage by remaining calm
Yeah, any effort in focusing on calm might seem useless
But in the same time, any effort at full moon counts way more
Sun, 01 Apr
18:52, mercury – sun
23:57, moon – scorpio
Bad period ahead, of few days, at least


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