W14: 2 – 8 april

Posted on: Mon, 02-Apr-2018

2018 W14

Mon, 02 Apr
These two days, are not to be messed with
Especially today
Apex of Mars and Saturn meeting
Moon also got into Scorpio
So, eyes peeled, focus on calm and patience at each step
This is best route
Activity is naturally limited, physical body also is limited
Do not force or rush anything 
12:44, Mars – Saturn
This conjunction affects way more the long term though

And social circles, political circles
And people having planets in capricorn or earth
mars and saturn, happens once in 2 years

Tue, 03 Apr
Many more good vibes

3, 9, moon near jupiter
Cycle of mars and saturn starts too
But,advice for Monday still stands
Not to mention today is Mars day
16:05, moon + jupiter

Wed, 04 Apr
Positive days, that will cover the (hard) mental conflict
9:54, moon + saggitarius
Hard times for the mind, and for communications
7:05, mercury – saturn
There’s a great need for resolutions,
for new contracts, for terminating useless contracts or habits
Good part is that,
the positive air of these days helps a lot to have a smiling attitude 
And given than relationships are getting the focus now
A smile goes a long way, when you attack other’s “faults” 😛 

Turmoils in relationships will top in weekend though
Inflated egos and colored feathers are common these days
Best route is to attack your inner causes,
To correct your own perception
So that you are not affected when bad things happen
Trying to kill other’s “faults”, will always point direction to war
These few days are positive 🙂


Thu, 05 Apr
Most positive day of the week
7:33, moon + nodes

8:22, mercury – saturn
13:31, moon + sun

Fri, 06 Apr
Double faced day

Positive day
But starting the evening, watch out 😀
19:01, moon – capricorn
First bad wave peaks Saturday morning
Unless there’s awareness and patience
Very unpredictable outcomes
Big energies can be unleashed from now on

Sat, 07 Apr
A truly day of rest, at base, a Sabbath
10:15, moon – mercury
13:09, moon + venus
But if energies were unleashed
Might turn south, really bad
13:18, moon – saturn
Bad wave in communication peaks late morning to afternoon
14:36, venus + saturn
18:41, moon – mars
Best route is patience all the way, at all costs
And listening mode, silence
Talking feeds bad alternatives
And this is why people with bad intentions and bad beliefs
will be very vocal this period, easy to spot them
It’s not the typical Saturday, for sure 

Sun, 08 Apr
This is a strange day, an X factor day
8:17, moon – sun
Positive and negative energies mixed
Second bad wave peaks this morning
Mars-Saturn conjunction is activated
Might be an important day for social events
And not pretty ones
Social arena is not safe, that’s for sure


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