Name: Ionescu Mihai Florin
Date of birth: October 6th, 1979
(if curious about time of birth, i will give it privately)

The purpose is to share what I perceive about next week’s sky,
planetary cycles and interactions.
I hope this blog will help with understanding and with ordering confused perception. 

It’s a general weekly view.
Prediction of energy’s tendencies.

It’s NOT a prediction for individuals.
Individuals came to me, saying “but but this, and but but that”
Individuals will be impacted in an individual way, maybe a day ahead or after.
Some get along well even in the worst times.
Some cannot be happy even when it’s heaven.

Moreover, I am talking about center days.
Usually, events will happen in these days.
If weekly most negative day is Tuesday (center day)
and if energies resonate the most with moon or with mercury,
Then events will tend to happen Monday or Wednesday, naturally.

I write in the hope this information will help you,
especially when you feel strange ‘fishiness’ in the air
and you need a simple confirmation.

An example,
once you know that Tuesday will be dubious,
and you see an “itchy” partner on Tuesday,
it becomes obvious that strange goblins are fooling around with planets 😀
it becomes much easier to apply some positive prepared plan of action
to take a deep breath and invest in patience.

I wish you all
more HOPE
more FAITH
more TRUST
more LOVE
more BEING
more CALM



If you have feedback & questions, or you need advice
 if.mihai (at) yahoo (dot) com

English is not my first language
(Romanian is my first)

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