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Monday. Still negative, continuation of Sunday.

Tuesday. A more positive day. But trying to do 1000 things and finishing none, is obviously bad.

Wednesday. Same pattern as Tuesday, but more danger for those who don’t invest in awareness and calm (very easy to get headaches and to reach “melting point” out of stress). Greed is not good. Fast is not good.¬†

Thursday. A good day, after possible excesses from past days.

Friday. From now on, new moon becomes the boss. Hard to predict, energies are very strong. Out of nowhere, things will start to develop, things that must be analysed with a cool head (easy to say). Try to be more open these days, and listen to what mother nature says.

Weekend. The peak of these strong energies. Focus more on taking notes, on changing your self, on changing your choices. Don’t try to change the outer world. Don’t try to change others. What you see is your own fruit. Try to accept the law.


I guess, the main subject will be about giving up useless old truths.
And of course, close relationships will take great blows because of these changes.
But when times change, useless has to go. Adaptation.
Of course, the majority will refuse to let go => easy conflicts.

Monday. Ok. Positive.

Tuesday. Positive, no natural drive to work or to make efforts.

Wednesday. Atmosphere gets even more superficial, from no on, more distance is created between people. Some relationships can be on a collision course these days. Especially if there is repressed energy accumulated. Best way is to avoid to change other’s beliefs, otherwise conflict is easy.

Thursday.Same pattern as Wednesday, maybe more incisive if there is any collision. Best way is to let others believe any (crappy) belief they believe.

Friday. Positive day, social interactions favored, even though there can be heated arguments here and there.

Saturday. Still positive, but some dark things are looming already in the background.

Sunday. Negative day. The best would be to avoid people and talking as much as possible. Best for sleep, silence, music, trips, walking, nature, meditation. Avoid conflicts of any kind, nothing good will come out, don’t try to make it positive, it will not work.


All in all, a good week, but the next week will not be good.

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