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2017 week23 5-11june


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ADHD participants… on your marks…. start!


We have a 3-day positive period.
A shift in mental activity, which will become obvious in following days.

Although positive, this is a day to watch.
Meaningful events can burst out.
Excess is a keyword.
If there’s excess, it could get very negative, even in this lucky days.

Same as Tuesday, even more emphasis on excess.
Deal with it by focusing on calm and blessing others, not inflating your own little ego. 
Ego, excess and bad mouth are to be avoided.

2 negative days.
Be careful out there.
It’s just getting started for Friday.

Negative peak, don’t underestimate this day.
Slow down on everything, be more aware, listen to the warning signs (those signs before something bad happens). 

This is another mixed energy weekend. 
A positive background, but aggressive negative bursts possible.
Relationships should be on red alert. Rough period ahead for relationships.
Honesty must be paired with calm and patience for right moments (which is so hard that probably no one will do it)
All kinds of cheaters will be exposed one way or another.
And lots of denials, obviously.

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