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2018 W14

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2. Monday, 10th
Slow, sluggish, it get’s better in the evening
Best: don’t force, stay in the now/here, let nonsense be

3. Tuesday, 11th
Two most positive days of the week
Best: use these 2 days for calm, energizing, preparing for what’s coming
Because it’s coming

4. Wednesday, 12th
Continuation of Tuesday.
A conflict between mental and physical will become obvious, for the next days.
Best: alternate. Don’t mix thinking & doing, discussions & doing

5. Thursday, 13th
Negative two days, watch out
Mental/physical conflict on the rise, possibly very obvious now
Natural impulse is to create scenes of conflict, victimization bla bla, but movie stuff
Best: let it slide with patience, and let the idiot be an idiot
Great for understanding though, and for digging to the core of shitty beliefs
And spiritual discussions are favored, otherwise you fall into B or C movies with shitty actors

6. Friday, 14th
Same as Thursday
But things start to deflate, for the better

7. Saturday, 15th
Full moon weekend, ouch
On one hand, it’s great, energy is more positive, and fresh
On the other hand, full moon, bringing another set of drama movies, mostly past stuff

8. Sunday, 16th
Now, this is the exact full moon
Most important day of the week
And it’s unpredictable, so i will not even bother
Best: be very aware, because if something hits, it will hit lightning fast

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