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2018 W7 12-18 feb

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2018 W6 05-11 feb


Mon, 05 Feb
2:35, moon + sun
15:32, moon + venus
18:45, moon – uranus
Strangely, best day of the week
Long time since Monday was the best
Enjoy it fully, because 3 negative days are following

Tue, 06 Feb
3:56, moon – scorpio
23:45, moon – mercury
Negative period, simple as that
The best way is to stay put, and contemplate your behavior
Especially contemplate your emotional reactions
Great opportunity for cutting to the core of issues

But body will be in a weak position, so be careful
Not careful only, but Sharpest!
Blood usually spills easiest in this kind of period 😀

Wed, 07 Feb
8:21, moon – nodes
15:53, moon – sun
Overall the same pattern, but a little better
Lots of words flying around,
Lots of stimuli to destroy verbally (at least)
It’s best in this period also to avoid eating
And to throw out useless things, give things away
Including useless money to pay taxes 😀
(not to buy, but to pay debts)
21:56, moon + jupiter
Evening is more soothing,
But not in relationships i guess,
“electric” currents going on there, avoid “electric” chairs :))

Thu, 08 Feb
7:16, moon – venus
13:53, moon + saggittarius
Things improve, but the atmosphere gets weird
On one hand lots of activity, especially thinking 
(actually these days, thinking is exacerbated to full speed)
On the other hand, a stale vibe, a standstill
Probably easy to ignore or miss,  occupied mind 😀
Evening is good

Fri, 09 Feb
6:39, moon – mars
15:29, mercury – nodes
19:48, moon + nodes
Until the evening, which is way better,
very active day, full
Mind is racing
Good days overall
But we are getting into sun jupiter square, tomorrow
Which usually gives stress and anger
Couple this with racing mind
Can give fights at home
Lots of dogs barking at trees :))
At least avoid eating all junk food you get by
Easier for the liver to withstand anger this way

Sat, 10 Feb
16:37, moon + uranus
23:19, venus – pisces
23:20, sun – jupiter
Quite important changes today
Peak of tension today
But a positive day at base
So energy can be channeled in some constructive directions
Easiest if future is involved, anything about it 

Using optimism to look into the future
Not fighting with people around
Also venus gets into pisces, not fun, but ….
Stable day anyway, no matter the influences

Sun, 11 Feb
2:20, moon + capricorn
14:16, moon – saturn
Distances grow between people
People are very selfish these days
Not worthy to be near them
Especially with moon – saturn area
Also venus entered pisces, getting away from spotlight
But it should be a good day, for physical body at least
Time to shut up and calculate 😀



* Times are GMT or UTC





Mon, 15 Jan
End moon day, past
Be ready to refuse to act (the past), just take notes
Focus on getting feedback, not trying to change anything
Until after New Moon, people tend to be at their worst
And this is NOT an exaggeration, so don’t take it lightly
Although, it’s a 9 day, so bad effects will be downsized, which is good
Also, until Saturday, physical body is taxed non stop
So give it rest, and wait this energy draining period to pass by
Drink more (no, not alcohol :D), and eat less

Tue, 16 Jan
End moon day
Same quality, only worse? 😀
On one hand, end moon energy, amplified
On the other hand, mars day, while mars is shitty in the sky
So today it can get really ugly, people on attack mode too
This day. be on guard to the max
But armed with pen and paper 😀
Keep a strong grip on them 😀 

Observe carefully, because even if it might appear people are the cause,
The real cause is your past, and it’s time to decide what is good from now on
Not to act foolishly, like barking at the moon

Wed, 17 Jan
2:17, New Moon
8:31, moon + aquarius
Great, new moon 🙂
Also moon enters aquarius, fresh air
Positive day at root
But, body will not pick up speed yet
Sluggishness, and tiredness continue
But it’s a more balanced day at least

Thu, 18 Jan
1:43, venus + aquarius
Hell yeah! 😀
14:28, moon – nodes
Good wave again,
Venus enters a friendly aquarius
Also a 3 day, and Jupiter day, so again positive
Good for physical body, but sun still lagging, so sluggishness still goes on
This day also watch out again for potential conflicts
Even if new moon happened, people are still around their worst lows
Everyone is stimulated for stress and anger
When this happens, explosions are easy
But Aquarius balances a lot though, so it’s great on this front
But, in no circumstance try to convince others of anything, you get war for sure! 😀

Fri, 19 Jan
Earth is closest to the sun today
Sun around 0 aquarius, why not have some volcanoes explode? 😀
Kidding (I hope :D)
Evening will meet with a stand still atmosphere, nada
Of course, people will force, and they will get into trouble for that
20:27, moon – pisces
be careful and watchful this evening, 
And tend to lay low until tomorrow,
Weak links are now targeted, and things care easily be broken
But, if anything breaks, at least know it was better this way, it became useless, “come on let it go o o” 😀

Sat, 20 Jan
3:09, sun + aquarius
Finally, sun aquarius,
Engine start
Probably most positive day of the week

Sun, 21 Jan
Same pattern, more or less, positive nevertheless



* times are UTC or GMT




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