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2017 week36 4-10 sep

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2017 week32 7-13 august

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1. Monday, 19th
Sluggish start, but headaches start to dissipate

2. Tuesday, 20th
Good vibe
Work in slow pace

3. Wednesday, 21th
Same pattern, even better

4. Thursday, 22th
Physical recedes, mental grows strong
Thinking goes bananas
Take mental pauses and naps, for balance, otherwise exhaust and headaches
Prepare for Friday

5. Friday, 23th
Most negative day of the week
Although it starts ok, tension will build up strong
Emotions at close distance are most affected in a negative way
It can easily go into anger, that anger you feel when you are forced into politeness

6. Saturday, 24th
Same pattern, but less amplitude
From today, emotions start to find easier channels of expression
So, if past buildups, emotional explosions possible
On the good side, it’s better to express what you need (no necessarily in a polite manner)

7. Sunday, 25th
Way more positive
Next days are few of the luckiest days of the year


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