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2017 week23 5-11june


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5. Monday, 5th
Nice day, smooth.
At least until evening, when it will get “darker“.

6. Tuesday, 6th
Bad day, watch out.
Past eclipse will show what she has in store.
Lack of awareness will attract (bad) accidents.
Slow, very slow, and patience.

7. Wednesday, 7th
Same as Tuesday, with some + and some -, same overall.

8. Thursday, 8th
Change of energy.
On one hand very positive.
On the other hand, stress, which is growing
(one peak on Friday, and a bigger one on 14th)
Over all, if focus in given to haste, fast, greed, then stress will mount up quickly, then conflicts.

9. Friday, 9th
First peak of stress today.
But in the same time, it’s a peak of luck.
If yesterday was easy to keep restlessness at bay, today probably it will be impossible.
Be cautious in advance, invest in calm, patience, focus.
“What focus? it’s weekend!!”

1. Saturday, 10th
Same as Friday, but stress will shift towards excesses in thinking (or maybe going into too many places, too fast)
Big shift in energies, jupiter enters libra.

2. Sunday, 11th
Good day for physical activity, or physical recovery or sleep or rest.
Bad day for mental and emotional, and relationships.

Monday. Ok. Positive.

Tuesday. Positive, no natural drive to work or to make efforts.

Wednesday. Atmosphere gets even more superficial, from no on, more distance is created between people. Some relationships can be on a collision course these days. Especially if there is repressed energy accumulated. Best way is to avoid to change other’s beliefs, otherwise conflict is easy.

Thursday.Same pattern as Wednesday, maybe more incisive if there is any collision. Best way is to let others believe any (crappy) belief they believe.

Friday. Positive day, social interactions favored, even though there can be heated arguments here and there.

Saturday. Still positive, but some dark things are looming already in the background.

Sunday. Negative day. The best would be to avoid people and talking as much as possible. Best for sleep, silence, music, trips, walking, nature, meditation. Avoid conflicts of any kind, nothing good will come out, don’t try to make it positive, it will not work.


All in all, a good week, but the next week will not be good.

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