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Monday. Ok, smooth. No tendencies to talk.

Tuesday. More vivid day. Energy starts to build up towards the next full moon.

Wednesday. A tricky day. Starting from Tuesday evening, there’s a need for calm and attention, to avoid shocks.

Thursday. Good for finishing things, for rest, for getting away of cities, if possible.

Friday. Negative tendencies. Themes: control + excess.
It’s possible that last Friday events will resurface (if there were any). Beware.

Other than that, again, great for going outside of cities, nature, sun, etc.

Saturday. Strong day. Probably peak of those negative tendencies.
Not to mention, sun enters gemini. Possible shocks. In nature, in relationships.
If there’s anger or repression accumulated => starting today, there’s almost no chance to stop those inner arguments to surface.
It’s ok after all, but avoid exaggeration (myeah, tell that to gemini)

Sunday. Full moon.
Positive day mostly, but there is a growing stress. Fire, square, opposition. Sounds like explosion to me.
Peak will be on Monday, 23
Truths will come out, probably. Accumulations will burst. Faster than anticipated.
Quite hard to describe this full moon.
But anyway, it’s full moon, it’s too late to change anything.
Whatever it is, keep calm.


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