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3. Monday, 12th
(Jupiter Libra, yey)
Work, focus, smooth, mostly alone,
even though there’s a growing stress in energy/physical (peak Wednesday)
It’s positive to channel this stress in physical work, or total rest, as it fits. 

4. Tuesday, 13th
Some changes on mental level, switches.
Positive energy, in spite of stress
Given it’s mars day and 13th, hmm… that stress could give out some explosions

5. Wednesday, 14th
Max peak of that stress (mental, physical, energy)
Same pattern as Tuesday though
If discussions / arguments are needed, have them today (next days are bad for this)

6. Thursday, 15th
Not fun anymore, negative on the rise.
Slow down everything, protect your health the following days
sleep, tea, fasting

7. Friday, 16th
 More or most negative
and full moon day
Avoid + delay arguments, they are just negative traps, no positive outcome
people who want to be angry and unhappy are favored now, so watch out
Distance between people is best now, …but, weekend, right?
Air is full of warnings anyway
Choose good (re-read Thursday)

8. Saturday, 17th
Negative recedes, but don’t let the guard down, in no circumstances

9. Sunday, 18th
But, if there are wounds from last days, backlashes can erupt in relationships
Most probably: “it’s your fault” type of stuff
Good day for understanding though

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