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Probably a windy day, literally.
A weird day.

On one side, full moon, on the other it’s time to stay still.
Probably it will generate excesses, as standing still it’s almost impossible.
Prepare for Tuesday.

Watch closely this day. Shift in energies.
When energies shift, it’s better to be patient, wait for things to settle.
Old patterns will emerge, probably in a strong fashion.
It’s a battle¬†for (your) focus.

Same pattern as Tuesday, maybe some more force here and there.

Thursday and Friday.
2 good days, at their root at least.
But they can be challenging when it comes to home and relationships.
Don’t give into foolish emotional arguments.

Everything is fine, except talking and communication.
It’s good for positive emotional output.¬†
Silence is ideal, or long pauses, as many as possible.
Not the time for long rational discussions. Avoid any of that.

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