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2018 W13

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2017 week37 11-17 sep

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Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.


Okeey, new moon / eclipse week…

1. Monday, 29th
(very) slow start,
some changes in energy, but still slow
mind doesn’t cooperate at work
good to compose some great symphony then
fasting would be very good (until Friday)
meditate, good for taking care of health

2. Tuesday, 30th
Last day(s) of summer
mental pressure mounts up
atmosphere still positive
time for an omen to appear

3. Wednesday, 31st
Omen must appear if it didn’t yet
a thing each of us should solve in the next weeks 
mental pressure is at a maximum
other energy pressures mount continuously
dark clouds on the horizon, still positive though, at least until evening
astrology says these days are against social and working life, but tell that to society
heavy dreams these days

4. Thursday, 1st
Let’s see the hell break loose, starting today 😀
energies still mount up
if you didn’t take out the journal, it’s time to take notes, see your past self in the mirror
not time to argue with anyone, it’s your past, avoidance is to be avoided
new moon eclipse day, strongest day of the week

5. Friday, 2nd
“Waters” start to recede
a new period begins (summer is over)
Mental pressure remain high for quite some time
calm and patience are tested strongly, but that’s exactly what’s needed

6. Saturday, 3rd
A much better day, a first after this whole week
Calm is much more favored, which is great

7. Sunday, 4th
Even better


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