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Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.


Monday, 11, 9.
Negative day.
Alone is good.
Work is good. But not with people. 
Take your idiot-proof vest.

Tuesday, 12, 1.
Low of negativity.
Can give explosive behaviors. Angry reactions.
Doesn’t make any sense to get involved in “discussions

Wednesday, 13, 2.
Improvement on one hand, another negative drop on the other hand.
All in all, kind of the same as Tuesday, less negative, but can be very incisive, in bursts.
This day requires slow pace and attention, to lose only what is useless.

Thursday, 14, 3.
Improved day, light is growing.
But not there yet.
Don’t rush to take the right turn, you will hit the (negative emotional) wall.

Friday, 15, 4.
More positive, but dealing with people is not supported.
Stick with things, and shut up.

Weekend, 16-17, 5-6.
Delicate, very delicate weekend.
Apparently shiny and rainbow and positive air only.
But it’s a function of what you did all week (and all month) and your degree of awareness.
There is a shock lurking, unexpected.
Want to risk? Invest even more in haste, ignoring persons, avoid patience, avoid awareness, treat people as objects. Then try to escape the shock.

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