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2018 W13

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2017 week23 5-11june


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Last week of the month.
Or “new moon” week.


Monday. Silence, slow, tea, meditation, sun, rest, music, delay, calm, sleep, patience, more silence.
There can be some (really) negative moments, which can be avoided by being patient, by letting events happen at their own pace. Don’t be a control freak, or else prepare for crash.

Tuesday. Kind of same as Monday. 
But there’s more luck in the air, not in an obvious way, but it’s there.

Time to be circumspect about past waves. (Our) zombies are in advantage now, to overpower our minds. Energy seems as a beginning, but it’s not.
It’s good to imagine a good future, good possibilities, good visions, long term.
But probably everyone will fall into chatter and old habits. Trying to change the exterior through direct force.

Good for understanding zombies of this whole period.
To just observe, to understand, to decide. Simple decisions. No direct changes now.
Direct force applied now will possible generate nasty conflicts and anger.

FridayNew moon in full force.
Relationships are probably the main theme of this new moon. Ego wars. Possession based.
Don’t trust what you see out there. It’s not real. Take responsibility, because it’s your belief at work.

But relationships reflect our own beliefs. So it’s a great opportunity to take notes of our own beliefs.
Time to take notes. But don’t try to change anything now. That’s just a trap.
Take notes. Decide.

Saturday. Now it’s good to start to implement new decisions, if there’s any new decision.

Sunday. Both positive and negative.
It actually can get very negative on social level. It can contain new clues about the jupiter-saturn conjunction (26 may)
On a personal level, excessive talking will bring conflicts.


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